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Learning Bangla is Fun

Personalized, Fun-filled
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Bangla Online

Empowering Children with their Bangladeshi
Identity, Root, and Culture
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This is our

  • 01   World's First Personalized Bangla Curriculum
  • 02   One-to-one Learning
  • 03   Personalized Contents
  • 04   Storytelling is the Key
  • 05   Festivals and Celebrations
  • 06   Anywhere in the World
  • 07   Flexible Timing
  • 08   Kaizen
  • 09   Internet Safety
  • 10   No Fear, No Reluctance

Some Counts That Matters

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Tinkers Amar Vasha classroom is not just a classroom, it is a factory of happiness. Children joins our class and forget all the external pressures of the day and learn with joy. Because at the root of all our efforts is always to ensure the happiness of the child.

We cover

  • Country
  • Language
  • Culture
  • Root


Comment by Parents


I feel like my children are learning well

Teaching a language online is a difficult task, but Amar Vasha team is doing very well. And I feel like my children are learning well, and I am hopeful that they'll do better. A very challenging task is changing everything everyday for the children, I commend this aspect of the service.


I think she will be able to do much better than before

After joining Amar Vasha, Yara understands Bangla at least a little, Although She doesn’t understand it completely yet. But I think she will be able to do much better than before.


The team has identified the things Dylan likes in the classes.

Amar Vasha team, and specially teacher Moutushi are working diligently to teach Dylan.I’m also pleased that Amar Vasha team has identified the things Dylan likes in the classes. This is excellent.


Ayman’s progress to be far better than before

I’ve found Ayman’s progress to be far better than before.Now he can say the numbers in Bangla nicely.I have also noticed that because of attending the classes, Ayman now speaks Bangla a lot more than before. This is truly gratifying to me.


Srabon and Arjon have progressed much further than before

We think Srabon and Arjon have progressed much further than before, and if they keep attending the classes regularly, we hope that they will do much better in learning Bangla.One more thing we like a lot is that they are trying to apply the things they learn in the classes in their real-life; and they have developed this behavior as a result of joining Amar Vasha classes. We admire the service for these reasons.


Seeing them being taught through their favorite Pokemons

I feel that their Bangla has improved a lot more than before.Seeing them being taught through their favorite Pokemons, we love how teaching is personalized at Amar Vasha.I’m getting a one-to-one service within a beautifully structured routine and pattern. As a parent, I find this feature to be an excellent one.


Admire the Personal Care

Lamisha has a very short attention span and she’s easily distracted. But, I love the way teacher Opu understands them and patiently teaches them.I also admire the personal care at Amar Vasha.


Our Own Contents

Children from the USA sing a tribute to the Language Heroes

Children from the USA singing a tribute to the Language Heroes. 🇧🇩 🇺🇸 In the voices of American Bangladeshi children, "Painted in my brother's blood, Ekushey February ...". Happy International Mother Language Day to all.Respect for language martyrs.

A Tour Inside Tinker's Amar Vasha Classroom

Learning Bangla is more fun then ever !!! Here's a video of the classes we took during our pilot program. We could not include many interesting class moments from all the children because of our Privacy Policy. As we are very strict about our Privacy Policy, we are only sharing the clips with parents' prior written consent.


This is our

  • 01   Starts with Interest
  • 02   Relationship Building is the Key
  • 03   Playful Learning
  • 04   Reward and Certification
  • 05   Teaching with Puppets


How do you teach?>

The joy of Bangla learning is our first focus while teaching the child. We do not even “teach” in the first 5-6 classes. We try to build a relationship of trust and joy between the teacher and child during the first few classes. We try to understand the child first, try to identify his/her favorite things, try to identify his/her unique challenges in learning Bangla. We follow a child-centric approach while teaching. We try to empower the child through playful learning. We send regular feedback emails to the parent and have a parent meeting after every 4 classes. In the parent meeting, we ask the parent for brutal feedback on how we can improve this service.

I am concerned about my child's privacy and data security>

We record each class and collect data about your child from you for developing the class experience of your child. This data is stored in a safe place and used only for the development of the user experience of the service. No data will ever be shared with any other organization. We have a very strict privacy policy that each team member of Amar Vasha has to comply with. You can find the privacy policy on our website.

What is the teacher's expertise?>

Most of our teachers are university students from prominent universities in Bangladesh. Here in Bangladesh, there are no formal certification courses for teaching Bangla online. So, we developed our own training module to groom the teachers. Every teacher goes through a tough selection process and then through rigorous training. We prioritize teachers who really love children and have prior experience of interaction with children in their personal lives too. Each class record is analyzed by the feedback team to help improve the teacher’s performance after each class.

How do you take my child from a level to the next level ?>

There are 4 language skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. We divide each skill into 10 skill levels. So, Listening has 10 levels, Reading has 10 levels, and so on. Each skill level requires 12 classes. Some children can pass a skill level with even fewer classes and some children may require more. We take a child-centric approach. If a child needs more time to complete a lesson and acquiring a specific language skill, we give him/her more time. If a child completes multiple lessons in a day, we speed up the pace and help him/her pass the skill level quickly. We have complete lesson plans and learning outcomes for each class of each level. Our content team prepares personalized class content for your child according to his/her unique taste

How you manage different time-zones ?>

ans-5: We ask you for your time-zone information during the registration. If you move to a different city later, you can email us with updated information. We are flexible with schedules. Our teacher joins the scheduled class 5 minutes earlier. The main lesson is 30 min but we put a extra 5 minutes time to end the class gently.

Can my child get a scholarship or waiver ?>

We try to provide the child with the best Bangla learning experience possible. This requires regular research, curriculum update, and personalized content creation. We try to find the best teachers and then again groom them through a rigorous training process. A feedback team reviews every class record and generate a report on how we can improve the next class. Then the feedback team, curriculum team, content team, and teacher have a meeting together to decide how to make the classes more effective, interactive, and joyful. All these activities require significant time and effort. This is the reason our price is a bit high. However, if you want a scholarship or waiver for your child, we are always willing to help. This is why our platform accepts donations also. Bangla is the language of our hearts. So, we are eager to have a zoom meeting with you and figure out a subscription fee you are happy to pay.

Do you have any exam or assessment criteria ?>

We do not have any exams. However, we have regular assessments. The first 5 minutes of each class is for revision of the lessons learned the previous day. After every 11 class, the 12th class is called a “Game Class.” The teacher plays learning games with the child to assess whether the lessons of the previous 11 classes learned properly. The teacher decides if the child is ready for the next level or should spend some more time with the old lessons.

How do I know if my child is developing?>

Our teacher will email you a class summary after each class. After every 4 class, our team will have a parent meeting with you for your feedback. You can always email us for any kind of help or suggestion:

Do you give homework’s?>

We do not give homework up to level 5. Then, as the child becomes more interested in learning Bangla, we give him/her some interesting homework that he/she may enjoy doing.

Is this a pre-paid service or post-paid ?>

This is a pre-paid subscription service. You have to pay the subscription fee in advance.

Can my child do the class with his/her friend at the same time? Can we merge two children's classes?>

Although Amar Vasha started as a one-to-one service, we are now providing a “Class Merge” feature for the parents. We always listen to the feedback of the parents and class merge is a feature requested by many of our valued parents. Class Merge lets you combine 2-4 children together and helps create a friendly playful environment. You can combine your child’s classes with his/her friends. This will make the classes more enjoyable for the children and help them do peer activities in the classes. We however can not offer any financial discounts on the class merge feature. Our current team size and infrastructure do not allow us to cut costs in merged classes. We have to put twice the effort even if there are 2 children taking the same class with the same teacher. But we plan to offer discounts on class merge in future. The main benefit of class merge is peer activities. A general 1 child class is 40 minutes long. The main lesson in 30 minutes and there are 5+5 minutes for the beginning and end. In case of merged classes, the total class time is 70 minutes. The extra 30 minutes is used for peer activities. However, the 30 minutes is optional. If the children feel tired or uncomfortable, the teacher will not prolong the class. As a parent, you can suggest what kind of peer activities your children may love to do in the class. You can also suggest new features or improvements you would love to see in Amar Vasha.

Why learn Bangla ?>

Bangla is the 7th most spoken language in the world. However, the reason your child should learn Bangla does not come from the economy, business, or market demand, it comes from the heart. We care about the peace of heart you will feel when you see your child speaking Bangla with grandparents, relatives, and with you! Bangla is the only language people sacrificed their lives for. Being a Bengali is a matter of pride. Learning Bangla is more about heart, more about connecting to the roots, and less about the market demand.

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